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BestPrice Krups XP7260 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Auto Cappuccino Kit

Krups XP7260 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Auto Cappuccino Kit

Product Description
New from Krups, the XP7260 with the Auto Cappuccino Kit will be the MOST COMPACT fully automatic espresso machine on the market. The XP7260 was designed to be simple to operate and easy to maintain. Coffee experts agree, the ideal process to achieve maximum flavor without over extraction is to grind and brew under high pressure within a short period of time. An automatic espresso machine combines all the necessary steps to brew a perfect espresso and simplifies the process. The XP7260 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is 30-50% smaller then most fully automatics available. Fully Automatic: With a simple touch of a button, the XP7260 grinds the beans and brews delicious espresso with ease. Small is better: Revolutionary technology exclusively from Krups provides the luxury of a fully automatic machine in a practical compact machine. By combining the thermoblock, brewing system and hydraulic jack into a single piece, Krups creates a fully automatic machine that is 30-50% smaller and highly efficient. The completely redesigned thermoblock is cast in aluminum and has stainless steel tubing to allow for a precise control of the water and temperature and optimal transfer of heat while reducing scaling and build up of mineral deposits. The stainless steel brewing chamber rests on top of the thermoblock allowing for a hot cup of coffee right from the first cup while ensuring a rich, full flavor with an excellent crema. User friendly Interface: The oversized digital display and intuitive controls are easy to use. The simple on screen instructions walk you through all the steps from set-up to brewing perfect espresso. Easy to read digital display and controls allows you to scroll through the on-screen menu and press the knob to make selections. Clear text and graphics are easy to follow. Choose whole beans or ground, your choice. Built in conical burr grinder holds up to 28 oz of whole beans.

  • Compact fully automatic espresso machine grinds, brews, and tamps
  • Oversized digital display and intuitive controls for ease of use
  • Built-in conical burr grinder; pre-ground bypass doser; steamer
  • Patented auto-cappuccino system for foolproof milk frothing included
  • Measures 12-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 14-1/4 inches; 1-year warranty

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So far, so good
I have had this product for about a week now and I have been very impressed so far. I previously had a semi-automatic model (which still sells for $300) that was very inconsistent from cup to cup. In comparison, this one has a much better milk frother, a built in grinder, and the digital display and settings. I primarily make caps, so the frother and the ability to measure out strong or regular espresso by the ounce is wonderful. I can echo all of the pros from the other reviewers, but cannot speak to the cons as yet. If I have reliability problems in the future, I will revisit and re-rate. I will also try to upload some video of the machine in action soon.

Also, I love Amazon, but Bed, Bath and Beyond has this on clearance right now for $399. And, if you purchase from them, they have an extremely friendly return policy if it does break down.

Great Machine - Sky High Maintenance Costs
The machine is great. It's electronic controls are easy to understand and the operations are reasonably simple. It's really an all-in-one machine. It produces a varitey of espresso drinks and the clean up is very simple. It's a dream machine, except for one BIG drawback, the maintenance costs. The unit must be cleaned after every 6 drinks with a tablet costing $2. And that is IF YOU CAN FIND THEM IN STOCK, which I can't. Only two tablets are included with the machine....and I've long used those up. I am still trying to find someone that has the tablets in stock. Also, there is a descaling required after every 24 cups with a powder that costs $4 a packet. Overall, the amortized cost of the cleaning and descaling is about $0.55 a cup, which is a 3 to 4 oz drink. Since I drink the equivalent of four cups a day, my maintence costs will be around $800 a year. That is a little more than I paid for the machine!!! If you are rolling in dough, this is not problem....but it is for me. I am returning the machine and looking for something else that has a more reasonable maintenance cost.

Life is good...
I ordered this one after visiting my daughter in Germany; she has this exact model, and I found it so convenient, and the coffee (espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte) so tasty, that I had to have one for myself. I have not been disappointed.

If I had to do it over, though, I think I would get the model without the cappuccino maker, since I feel just as happy warming my milk in the microwave. The beans I use--LavAzza Crema e Aroma--produce enough "crema" for me that I really don't need a lot of foam on top. (The little milk canister attachment has to be cleaned promptly after each use, so I find it a waste of time.)

Having read articles claiming that drinking coffee each day might delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimers, I felt this great little automatic espresso maker was cheap at any price.

Would buy again
Ironically what started as a search for a good coffee bean grinder ended with getting this unit :D. We ordered this unit online, though not from amazon, and received the unit in good condition, It came with a VIP kit that includes some of the accessories to get you started, however espresso cups are not included. I gave the unit 5 stars as I feel the unit is well made and has an overall solid feel.


* Nice big water tank, we don't like holding our water in plastic containers so not a big deal to us, but I have seen other machines like this have reviews that the water tank is too small and needs frequent refilling.

* Auto frothing feature is awesome, just put milk in attach the special nozzle add cold nonfat milk and you have the perfect cappuccino or latte milk base in a cup!

* Display is easy to read and for the most part the on screen menu is intuitive.

* Milk container is separate, I actually think this is a great feature, as you are not always constantly making coffee so you can take your milk by detaching it and placing it in the refrigerator. Believe it or not keeping the milk separate from the machine has proved to be most useful!

* The coffee bean hopper has a space reducer so that you can keep less beans in the hopper, so if you don't use up your beans too fast, keeps them fresher. It can be taken out for hardcore coffee making nirvana if you prefer, we tend to leave it in.

* Seems to be solid construction, has a good weight not just a casing with some cheap and light insides.

* Has a permanent servicing instructions booklet that stays with the machine in it's own slot, hard to explain but you'll see what I mean when you get it.


* Lots of plastic, but looks like metal is used for the parts that matter

* Using regular sized coffee cups I have to take out the drip tray to allow enough space to use the auto frothing milk attachment, I guess technically the cups I'm using are not true cappuccino cups so that may just be me rambling.

* The main dial below the display seems flimsy, pretty much the only part that has that feel that way though.

* For some reason the grind level adjustment is placed on top, whereas everything else is done via the display, seemed like a strange inconsistency.

* You can't adjust steam/coffee amounts before a cycle, you have to brew a coffee and then adjust the amount of coffee you want while it's brewing, however after you have set your preferences, the machine remembers them.

* Just to make people aware this is not a one button cappuccino maker, you have to froth the milk then brew an espresso however it can be done in a single cup.

* Not supposed to use oily beans, but looks like most units have the same limitation.

* Does not support pre-ground coffee, despite what the description says.

The con list is really just things to keep in mind, I can just find faults in just about anything ;) as long as this unit doesn't break, we are going to be very happy with it, we have had our unit for about a month now.

Update 01/25/2010:

Machine still works fine, but we had trouble finding the cleaning supplies, after calling Krups support they recommended two alternate products that seem to actually be available "Jura Cleaning Tablets" for cleaning, and "Better Brew Coffeemaker Cleaner" for descaling. Those were the only two they were willing to say would be supported.

Would Love to Love This Machine.....but...
UPDATE - After previously giving this machine 4 stars, I am forced to reduce my rating to 1 star. It appears I've received a "lemon" as I've now had the machine break 3 times. I'm very frustrated because for all of the resasons I list below, I want to love the machine. However, during time I've had the machine, It's only briefly worked before needing to be retured for service. The machine comes with a one-year VIP service which is great since the online company I purchased it from only had a 30-day return policy. Unfortunately, in the four months I've had the machine it's been broken or out for repair for a majority of that time. Please respond to this review if you've had success getting your machine to work without sending back for repair.

Attention Buyers! - I would not buy this machine - the frustration of having it break three times is not worth your time or money. Learn from my mistake and look for a different brand and make sure to purchase from a store that has a return period of longer than 30 days.


This was no small purchase for me. I've researched and waited for about 1 year before committing to this machine. The price dropped by about 40% from one of the Amazon online retailers and there was free shipping so I jumped at the chance. I've had the XP 7260 for about 1 week now and I mostly love this machine. When I first got the machine I spent an hour or so reviewing the instruction manual before I turned on the machine which helped me to realize a couple important tips (for most all auto-espresso machines). 1 - you have to use very cold l% or 2% milk for best froth/foam and 2 - you should use non-oily beans. Also, I expected to get coffee shop quality from the first cup of expresso but have quickly realized that I haven't learned the proportions of espresso to water (for Americano) or milk (for latte & cappucino). I wish more than two recipes were included for first time users.


Stunning appearance

Auto frothing attachment works excellent(if you use cold 1% or 2% milk)

Great tasting coffee/espresso

Doesn't take up too much room on the counter


The biggest CON is that there is NO pre-ground coffee funnel - I big disappointment - no decaf drinks at night.

The Amazon description mentions that this machine is compatible with ground coffee but it's NOT!

Noisy! Similar to turning on a blener full of ice. The noise is short-lived so it's bearable.

Not enough recipes for basic coffee drinks - I have yet to perfect the Americano. Web blogs are all over the place regarding recipes.

Frequently filling the water container - not a big deal but if you have cabinets above your counter you have the pull the machine out far enough to access the water container.

Espresso cups, manual frothing pitcher, and coffee not included (auto pitcher is included). Plan to spend another $50 on these items before making your first cup of espresso.

Maintenance costs could be about $100 per year for water filter replacements and cleaning tablets.

Water filter and cleaning tablets are not easily available so I will have to purchase online.

I know, this sounds like a long list. I have a feeling many other espresso machines have similar cons so I wouldn't consider any of these a deal-breaker.

Overall an excellent machine but I really wish there was a pre-ground coffee funnel so that we could enjoy decaf expresso drinks at night.

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